Who Will Make the Snow?


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By Taras Prokhasko & Marjana Prokhasko

Illustrated by Marjana Prokhasko

Translated from Ukrainian by Boris Dralyuk and Jennifer Croft

Twin moles, Purl and Crawly, are born on the first day of spring. The newest members of their woodland world, they’re curious about everything. What is swimming? How do we get better when we’re sick? Do animals live in the sea? Why do grownups eat smelly cheese? What happens when we die? Every day is filled with another adventure as Purl and Crawly explore the peculiar characters that surround them in the forest. Home is always waiting for them, filled with the clacking of father’s typewriter, the sound of mother playing her upright bass, and the smells of quince jam and medicinal moss brews. During their adventures outside the home, they learn that the world is sometimes scarier and stranger than it seemed from the pocket of their father’s coat. Each new encounter leaves Purl and Crawly a little braver and wiser and with a few extra friends. Brilliantly illustrated with scenes of mischief and discovery by Marjana Prokhasko, Who Will Make the Snow? reminds us that the world is always larger and more wonderful than we can see from our own corner of the woods.

Published on December 12th, 2023