Elsewhere is delighted that Jennifer Croft’s translation of Tina Oziewicz’s and Aleksandra Zając’s What Feelings Do When No One’s Looking has been named a July Indie Kids’ Next Pick! The prize is given out each month by IndieBound, a wonderful network of support and resources for independent booksellers.

Each month, booksellers nominate and vote for books that they love and are excited to share with their communities. Educators and booksellers have remarked at What Feelings Do When No One’s Looking’s uncanny ability to open up conversation about complex emotions that may seem daunting to children: “I love, love, love this book. These floppy-eared creatures and imaginative illustrations bring life to all the emotions— emotions that sometimes overwhelm young readers. This is a wonderful book for starting conversations about those hard-to-label emotions,” wrote IndieBound bookseller Jennifer Kraar of City of Asylum in Pittsburgh.

Readers were also greatly charmed by Aleksandra Zając’s serene illustrations. The artwork is an effective complement to Croft’s sensitive translations of Oziewicz’s imaginative yet arrestingly concise sentiments. Children see their inner lives reimagined as a landscape that is equal parts fantastical whimsy and reassuring simplicity—a place they shouldn’t be scared to explore.

We’re grateful for the amazing work of independent and local bookstores, and their communities! Read more about the award and IndieBound’s support for indie booksellers here.