Nooshin Safakhoo

My best childhood playmate was my father. Sometimes we were a lion and his cub, other times a large ship that harbored a little boat inside it. Yet, the best time we spent together was when he told me stories and I simultaneously drew them. Stories he had made up of real-life characters, but with strange names and behaviors, who went about common daily routines in uncommon ways. To me, he is still the greatest storyteller and I wish to tell stories to children by drawing them as sweetly as he narrated them. —Nooshin Safakhoo

Iranian illustrator Nooshin Safakhoo was born in Tehran in 1980. Her illustrations for In the Meadow of Fantasies have earned her numerous awards, including a 2019 Nami Concours prize.

Books illustrated by Nooshin Safakhoo


  • Visit the following link to see Safakhoo’s original artwork from In the Meadow of Fantasies on view at the Iranian Artists’ Forum.