(photo courtesy of Etana Editions)

We’re thrilled to announce that the wonderful Marika Maijala, author of Rosie Runs, has won Finland’s most prestigious honor for illustration: The Illustrator of the Year Award. Presented by Kuvittajat, this award is given annually to an illustrator who has made a significant contribution to the world of illustrations; the committee lauded Maijala for her unique imagistic language and beautiful, energetic linework that has sparked joy in children’s book lovers all around the world.

Hear Maijala speak about her work and glimpse a snapshot of her process in this beautiful video from director Silja Minkkinen (Edits: Atte Merikallio, Production: Veera Pekkinen/Illustrators ry). Warmest congratulations to Maijala for this remarkable achievement!

If you love Maijala’s work, you can place a bid on her artwork in our spring auction. Follow the link for a chance to have an original drawing from Maijala’s book, Wolf and Gardener, on your wall! Bids will close on June 7th.


(Drawing from Marika Maijala’s Wolf and Gardener)