Head in the Clouds




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This item will be released September 24, 2024.

By Rocío Araya

Translated from Spanish by Sarah Moses

Sofía goes to school every day but she still has a lot of questions. Why are grown-ups always in a rush? What number comes after infinity? Sofía’s teacher says she has her head in the clouds, she’s seeing birds. In collages of graph paper, worksheets, and newsprint, punctuated by scratches of graphite and bold swaths of bright paint, Sofía’s world springs to life. When she gives one of her birds to her teacher, her teacher’s monochrome world of blank paper and gray lines bursts into color, affirming the joy and necessity of always being curious. Inquisitive children, with a supply of questions as limitless as their imagination, will recognize themselves in Sofía, delighting in pondering her questions – and in coming up with more of their own.

Out on September 24th, 2024