Rosie Runs


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By Marika Maijala

Translated by Mia Spangenberg

Rosie dreams of forests, meadows, hares, and freedom. Trapped at the race- track, she sprints in endless circles – until one day, Rosie makes a fearless beeline for the enormous world beyond the track. Scared and a little excited too, Rosie runs through shadowy forests, a circus, a bustling train station, and even takes a quick dip alongside a ferry. She runs on, through small towns and whirling cities, and on her way catches glimpses of passersby, brief but clear. Readers will find peace in a private look at a man watering his plants, or a jolt of happiness at a long-snouted dog wearing a cap on a train. A book about taking in the wide world around you, Rosie Runs beckons young readers to rediscover their favorite hobbies and passions and revel in the joy of playing and being among new friends.

Published on August 15, 2023



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