By Claude Ponti

Translated from the French by Alyson Waters

From Claude Ponti (My Valley, 2017), one of France’s most celebrated children’s writers, comes a tender and playful tale of what it means to be unique.

When he is born, Hīznobyūtī is not exactly handsome. In fact, his parents and siblings say, “He’s no beauty!” They say it so often, Hīznobyūtī assumes that it is his name. Wherever he goes, only embarrassment and shame await him. Hīznobyūtī hides himself away, working on his inventions, until one day he receives a message from the stars. After a fight with his family, Hīznobyūtī decides to run away. On a beautiful adventure by himself, he learns the secrets of the universe: how to communicate with trees and birds, how to wake up the sun, and how to see himself for who he truly is – a hero!

Coming May 22, 2018
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Hīznobyūtī is a fun and inspirational story, yet there are poignant parts as well... teaches young kids and reminds adults to be courageous, forbearing, kind, persevering, compassionate and most especially, to be forgiving.

Shai Martin

Praise for My Valley

A mix of comical vignettes and broad vistas illustrate an account of the lives and misadventures of a clan of tiny Twims...Like Poochie-Blue, visitors to the valley will be in no hurry to leave.

Kirkus Review, starred review

Ponti's beautiful, intricate illustrations contain strange details hinting at larger stories. The guileless narrative sounds like it came directly from the brain of a child with a vivid imagination...

Sarah Hunter, Booklist

My Valley marks a particularly exciting addition to the world of translated literature...lush with colorful and stark imagery that readers of all ages will find infinite secrets in. This is a truly unique addition to any storybook collection.

Kevin Elliot, 57th Street Books

Hiznobyuti is a truly fantastic children’s book that every child should definitely check out!

Rabbit Tears Blog

A wonderfully strange, poignant, and empowering tale of finding one's own place in the world. Bullies abound, but kindness, empathy, and forgiveness loom larger for our long-snouted hero.

Hannah, Avid Bookshop

An ugly monster sets out on a wonderfully strange journey of self-discovery... Ponti's illustrations—equally rich in warm feeling and surreal, precisely drawn figures and details—give the tale wings... He adventures, slaying a much-larger monster with one colossal sneeze, temporarily transforming himself into a tree, "communophoning" with the stars, and saving a dead planet by waking its sun (and a princess on a nearby satellite), among other heroic feats... Itzabyuti thruenthru.

Kirkus Reviews, starred review