Robert Croll

I grew up in a house with a red tin roof that stood on the side of a small mountain. Almost everyone around there had dogs and let them run free, and so they socialized much more than the people. One of my neighbors was a great puppeteer, and on certain afternoons I’d walk up the hill to learn music or the names of plants from him while my mother was giving his daughters math lessons. These days, if I’m not wondering about stories like the ones Juan Hormiga tells, I’m probably making lemon cloud pancakes or writing quiet, angular songs for the guitar. I also like to take photographs that show spaces built by people (but with no people inside) and that seem to change the longer you look at them. —Robert Croll

Robert Croll is a writer, translator, musician, and visual artist from Asheville, North Carolina. He first came to translation during his undergraduate studies at Amherst College, where he focused on Julio Cortázar’s short fiction. His translations include The Diaries of Emilio Renzi by Ricardo Piglia, published by Restless Books.

Books translated by Robert Croll

My Valley


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