Gustavo Roldán

Until I turned ten, there was no TV in my house. Apart from playing with friends in town and taking long bike rides through the countryside, what I remember most fondly from those times were the Friday and Saturday nights spent sitting beside my sister at the foot of my parents’ bed. My father would tell us stories, especially stories about animals, blending memories from his own childhood with things he made up as he went. It was crazy fun for my sister and me. In the summers, among rivers and woods, we’d go camping in the mountains. During the day we’d fish, swim, and lounge around. At night we’d build a fire and sit around listening to my mother, who read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to us. Juan Hormiga is a small homage to all of those nights that remain seared into my memory. 

                                                                                       — Gustavo Roldán

Gustavo Roldán was born in Argentina in 1965. His illustrations are widely published, and he has been exhibiting his work since 1985. His books have been published in numerous countries including Mexico, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, South Korea, and Switzerland and have earned him recognition from A.L.I.J.A., the Prix Octogone, and inclusion in the White Ravens catalogue created by the Jugendbibliothek. His other books include El señor G and Historias de conejo y elefante, both published internationally. He currently lives in Barcelona, where he is a contributor to several publishing houses.

Books by Gustavo Roldán


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