On April 25th, we’re delighted to be releasing paperback editions of two Elsewhere Editions classics: Hīznobyūtī and My Valley (for $9.95 each). Two whimsical and wonderful creations by Claude Ponti (and both translated by the brilliant Alyson Waters), these paperbacks will bring Ponti’s magical and unpredictable worlds to even more readers.

Praise for the adventuresome, loving Hīznobyūtī:

“An ugly monster sets out on a wonderfully strange journey of self-discovery . . . Ponti’s illustrations—equally rich in warm feeling and surreal, precisely drawn figures and details—give the tale wings . . . Itzabyuti thruenthru.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

And for the wondrous and seriously goofy My Valley:

My Valley marks a particularly exciting addition to the world of translated literature . . . lush with colorful and stark imagery that readers of all ages will find infinite secrets in. This is a truly unique addition to any storybook collection.” —Kevin Elliott, 57th Street Books

Notice: My Valley and Hiznobyūtī can be read whilst doing headstands, having giggle fits, or watching the sunrise. Best for thoughtful pondering, followed by tickle fights. Both books will be available for $9.95 this April!