We’re delighted to announce that Marika Maijala’s Rosie Runs, translated from the Finnish by Mia Spangenberg, has received starred reviews from both Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews.

“This story by Finnish creator Maijala offers many pleasures: riveting, sustained motion; the suspense of wondering whether Rosie will be captured; and acute observations (a tethered circus pony “neighs in longing as Rosie runs by”). A series of wide-angle views roughly stroked in crayon-like colors give a mosaic feel to Rosie’s flat-out dash for freedom in this triumphant escape story.” — Publishers Weekly

“The whimsical, abstract art, executed in broad, playful, childlike strokes of oil pastel and crayon, add to the story’s sense of innocent adventure and discovery… Spangenberg’s translation reads smoothly, capturing the poignancy of Rosie’s tale and the juxtaposition between her urgent flight to freedom and the ordinary lives unfolding around her.” — Kirkus Reviews

Rosie Runs is available on our website alongside our adorable Rosie Tote!